Premier Business Consulting&Communications

We are leaders in strategic consulting, comprehensive ESG-assessment for business, sustainable development, and IR communications.

Premier Business Consulting&Communications is a specialist Ukrainian company that provides effective solutions in the field of corporate development, investment, and community interaction by means of sustainable development (incl. ESG) and corporate responsibility. We have a wealth of experience in implementing complex projects, both throughout Ukraine and around the world.

We are professionals in our field. Our dynamic team is passionate, experienced, and fully qualified in accordance with international standards. We have been invited to work with and successfully cooperated with leading organisations, both Ukrainian and foreign, in the fields of sustainable development and CSR, and have also worked closely with the Ukrainian government.

PBCC is a boutique consultancy firm. Every year, we limit the number of clients that we work with in order to maximise the quality of the services that we provide.


Strategic analysis and assessment

Comprehensive and strategic audit of corporate government practices and activities, including their financial and non-financial risks. Analysis of major business areas at both corporate and project levels. Internal and external evaluation of companies in accordance with national and international methods (particularly according to ESG metrics), with recommendations for further compilations. Development of analytical materials for both Ukrainian and international stakeholders.

Strategic consulting

Assessment of existing tools and the evolution of new ones for corporate governance development. These tools allow management to qualitatively oversee the opportunities, financial risks, and non-financial risks both within a company (across all locations) and along the supply chain. The installation of systems for the effective management of ESG, sustainable development, and CSR aspects of a business that are based on leading international practices.

IR communication

Assessment and improvement of corporate IR communication systems. Establishment and development of dialogue with international investment communities. Building support and endorsement for green and “impact” investments. Preparation of annual, integrated, and non- financial reports to fulfil national legislative requirements and meet leading international standards. Preparation of corporate presentation materials with a focus on investment communities.

About Us

We have been providing Ukrainian and international clients with a wide range of corporate services for over 10 years. These services include strategic and management consultation services, company ESG evaluations, IR communication development, reputation growth, report preparation whilst adhering to strict national and international standards, and the administration of corporate and open training events. We also provide services within digital communications, concerned with the development of a company`s socially responsible reputation. All of our products and methods are our own and have been successfully acclaimed by our customers. They not only meet leading international requirements and practices, but are also fully optimised for the explicit needs of each company and their industry specifics.

Why us?

In terms of strategic consulting, integrated ESG assessment, investor engagement, and sustainable development, we are the most qualified professionals on the market in Ukraine.

We specifically focus on solving problems that a company faces, and we use a wide range of international tools and modern author techniques from different industries to do this.

We approach cooperation with each client individually, before selecting the most appropriate and effective tools for that client. We do not offer typical, ready-made solutions.

We keenly follow global trends, we welcome new challenges, we strive to constantly develop, but above all – we are passionate about our work. Thanks to this, we only offer the best solutions to our customers.

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Premier Business Consulting&Communications